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Don’t forget the following advice:
- Follow the FIS code of piste safety
- Get professional instruction
- Check your equipment is suitable
- Wear a helmet
- Boarders should use wrist guards

“50% less likely to sustain a wrist fracture when using guards.”
Dr J Mercola
Journal of Trauma, March 2002

“If using new type thermoplastic guards more force is required to cause a fracture than without.”
R. Idzikowski et al
American Journal of Sports Medicine, November 2000

- Avoid fatigue: take frequent rests
- Never ski off-piste alone or without a guide
- Wear suitable clothing and sunglasses
- Don’t drink too much at lunch
- Be aware of hangovers, and dehydration
- If you sustain an injury do not carry on. Seek medical advice
- Warm up / warm down