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One Tree at a Time


We are excited to have joined in with the fantastic team at “One Tree at a Time” who provide a model for businesses in the ski industry to change the way they operate.

The One Tree team have created a pledge system which is designed for ski businesses that want to scrutinise their environmental impact and identify the next steps towards becoming an environmental champion.

The pledge system is based around 5 principles;
Measure & disclose, Reduction, Education, Sustainability and Offsetting.

At Ski Physio and Massage we spend a lot of time helping people who are injured or in pain, helping them back to being fit and functioning. We want the planet to stay fit and functioning as well! We want to keep helping people, of course, by doing our job but we realise by doing this we are increasing our carbon footprint. We, therefore, are taking this pledge to look at all aspects of our business and make as many changes as we can. We can’t promise to be perfect but where we can’t make a significant change we will offset our impact by planting trees.

In summary: We plan to Plant 5 trees for every mobile massage booking done and reduce our carbon footprint

The plan, to start with is

We will concentrate on the first pledges and then aim to get better, we have lots of ideas! Little steps so far, but we hope lots of little steps will result in a big leap!

Our Pledge - The Details

1. Measure & Disclose

2. Reduction

We pledge to the following waste saving actions

3. Education

4. Sustainability

5. Offsetting

See the One Tree at a Time website