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Advice line, Phone and Video appointments

Ski Physio have been offering an advice line across Alpine Ski Resorts for 25 years, we are used to doing this, this isn't changing but we have grown and improved the service over the last few months. Ski Physio are now able to offer a video or phone physiotherapy assessment and treatment service for injuries, aches and pains, acute or chronic conditions and post operative rehab.

Being in a foreign country can be unnerving when you suddenly are in need of medical assistance for an injury or unpleasant pain and Ski Physio are here to help.

The fantastic aspect of this new service is that you can benefit from Ski Physios 25 years of snow sports experience in any ski resort, or at home, anywhere in the world. An additional benefit is that Ski Physio can continue with advice and rehab treatment once you have returned home from your holiday.

How does this new service work?

A free 5 minute phone triage, advice line is still available and in this initial call we will get some information from you to help us advise on your next step, this could be...

If physio is recommended we will arrange a time to call back and have a full video assessment and appropriate treatment and rehab.

There are options of being able to visit you in some resorts and then continue rehab via video link still in resort or on your return home.

What we would need from you?

Video call, rather than phone, is usually better in most cases and ideally you would have a good internet / 4G connection to be able to do a FaceTime, Whats App, Zoom or Skype video call.

During this assessment you will be asked for your subjective history - questions can be varied but could include for eg  where is your pain, what has happened, when did this problem start, what makes the pain better/worse, have you seen a doctor, had an x-ray, do you have any other medical problems etc

We would then need to see the affected area, ideally this area would be unclothed so appropriate underwear or shorts would be suitable.

We will most likely ask you to perform some movements or exercises in front of your camera. Ideally you would have decent lighting and depending on the injury / pain we may require to see you in standing, sitting or lying, so being near a chair and sofa or bed may be necessary. You may find having a friend or family member present to help with the camera is useful at this more active stage of the assessment, but this is not essential.

The therapist will be taking all your answers and physical  movements and putting them together to come up with a treatment plan for how to proceed.

Treatment will include some of the following:

Explaining the diagnosis / anatomy / cause of the problem to you.

Advice on acute injury management and the dos and don'ts of your injury.

You may be given an exercise / mobilisation program to improve movement, muscle strength, control or flexibility as well as information on return to work / sport / activity etc.

The physio will have some anatomical models / pictures to explain your injury or problem to you, they will be able to demonstrate any exercise they are asking you to do and will be able to follow up with an email explaining the treatment or exercises you have been advised to do.

You are able to ask questions at any time and please do allow up to an hour for the appointment to allow for any IT hiccups and plenty of time for the session.

The therapist may recommend a medical consultation for medication, an x-ray, scan or second opinion etc. A further course or single session of online physio treatment maybe be required. Reports can be provided for follow up by a Dr or your local physios.

Payment will be taken prior to treatment and we can accept any credit card or AMEX

In these uncertain Covid times, when reducing individual contacts is important, when access to face to face treatment isn't always so easy, why not use the 25+ years of experience Ski Physio have built up… we're here to help you.


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